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      Analysis of product advantages of sponge machinery manufacturers?


      Analysis of product advantages of sponge machinery manufacturers? Sponge machinery products are emerging after the survival of the fittest, and today's manufacturers are not satisfied with the current situation, but are constantly innovating with the development of science and technology, and now they have been widely used. At present, many manufacturers produce secondary products. In order to use them more safely and safely, you must read the relevant instructions before use. The product is not only applicable to one industry, but is accepted by many industries. How does sponge machinery operate? 1. Before starting the sponge machine for production, check whether the wiring of each part is intact. After switching on the power supply of the host, switch on the power supply of the air compressor and the chiller at the same time. 2. Before starting the metering pump, the charging tank must be filled, sealed, the pressurization valve opened, and the charging tank must be pressurized. The general pressure is 0.2m Pascal, which shall not exceed 0.3m Pascal (shown by the digital pressure gauge on the cylinder head), otherwise the charging cylinder will detonate. 3. Open the discharge valve under the sponge mechanical material tank. After filling the metering pump, open the exhaust valve of the metering pump and empty the air until the exhaust valve is discharged. 4. The hydraulic station shall be filled with clean hydraulic oil (subject to the safety zone of liquid level display). Jog the motor of the hydraulic station, first adjust the oil pressure to low state, check whether each part of the oil pipeline leaks, and then adjust to the normal working hydraulic state. After confirmation, start the hydraulic station (the pressure of the hydraulic station is 1.5 ~ 17m PACA). 5. High and low pressure change-over valve, jh30 series b-material change-over valve and b-material metering pump shall be added with two octyl grease for sealing and adjustment, and shall be inspected and filled regularly. Warm tip: the development of sponge machinery products is closely related to the progress of science and technology. Now, the products are different. It is applied in many industries. However, it does not mean that it can be operated simply during installation and use, but should also be carried out in accordance with the formal instructions!

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